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NCLCI recognizes that the Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem have been at the heart of Jewish hope and identity for more than 3,000 years.

NCLCI does not involve itself in Israelʼs internal politics.

NCLCI values its relationship to various Jewish, Christian and other individuals and organizations while remaining an independent Christian organization.

No NCLCI officer or member may use its platform to proselytize Jews.

In its role as an advocate, NCLCI encourages the following:

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NCLCI believes that its tours to Israel are unique. By traveling with NCLCI one has an opportunity to be updated on the complex and currently unfolding situation.

A fact-finding trip with NCLCI offers participants an opportunity to meet with members of the Knesset and other top Israeli officials as well as a cross-section of leading members of the Jewish and Palestinian communities.


Participants have also met with such church dignitaries as the Papal Nuncio, the Latin and Greek Orthodox Patriarchs, the Coptic Archbishop, and other important Protestant, ecumenical and interfaith leaders in Israel. READ MORE

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