Israel and the Boiling Pot

His newly minted deputy foreign minister might want Israel’s diplomats around the world to proudly assert the Jewish state’s historic right to all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. But does Benjamin Netanyahu seriously believe that Israel is going to be able to annex the West Bank, to bring the biblical Judea and Samaria under long-term Israeli sovereignty? Does he even want to? (Read More...)

Egypt’s Coptic Christians: Braced for Persecution

One of the pleasures of living in Jerusalem is the ever-changing kaleidoscope of intriguing people and historic places that surrounds me. Especially when I walk around Jerusalem’s Old City, I am conscious of a myriad of Christian clergy, garbed in a multitude of various robes and head coverings. The Coptic monks who serve at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are particularly easy to recognize because of their distinctive black hoods. (Read More...)

IRD Announces New Christian Ethicist on War & Peace

Washington, DC—The Institute for Religion and Democracy (IRD) announced today that Marc LiVecche has joined the institute as its new scholar on Christian ethics, war and peace. He will edit a forthcoming journal on these topics. (Read More...)

Join the America-Israel Friendship League at Celebrate Israel Parade

The America-Israel Friendship League will be marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Sunday May 31, 2015. The Parade features over 30,000 marchers from many organizations. Hundreds of thousands enthusiastic spectators watch American and Israeli community leaders and dignitaries, entertainers, artists, musicians, dancers, celebrities, floats and marching bands. The AIFL takes great pride in participating in this parade and we urge our supporters, alums, members and friends to join us on this joyous occasion. To join please meet us at the corner of 56th street and 6th avenue (Starbucks) at 2:00 pm. To reserve a spot for the parade, please RSVP:

Ya'alon: Terrorists Are Using Our Laws Against Us

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon told legal scholars at a conference on the laws of war that terrorists who failed to destroy Israel were resorting to new methods, which included “using our law against us.” Speaking without notes, Ya’alon recalled the efforts of Hezbollah and other terror organizations to position weapons in civilian homes–“with Iranian engineers’ help”–creating a fatal dilemma for Israeli soldiers, who were forced to create “collateral damage” in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. He warned that Israel would make the same choice in future. (Read More...)

Iran vs. Israel: Who's Making Threats?

A speech by the Israeli defense minister sets the stage for a discussion of whether Jerusalem threatens Tehran or the other way around. Daniel Pipes debated Brian Becker of ANSWER Coalition. An excerpt from the conversation, at 12:45: (Read More...)

BDS vs. Israel: The Real "Islamophobia"

(Voters in Israel, March 2015) "Islamophobia," which carries with it implications of viciousness, pain, and disease, is not considered a neutral term, either by Muslims who accuse others of it (including some moderate believers in Islam), or by those who supposedly spread it. "Islamophobia" suggests deliberate, if not deranged, hatred and cruelty toward Muslims. (Read More...)

What Portman Gets Right About Israel

Read headlines about Natalie Portman’s recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and you would be forgiven for thinking that the 2010 Oscar winner appointed herself as Israel’s chief critic by virtue of her cinema stardom – a move that would not be so unusual for most Hollywood elites. But if you read the interview itself, you will find that Portman deserves credit and emulation for the careful way in which she discusses Israel, her Jewish faith, and the importance of principled parenting. Here are four principles Portman applied that we all would do well to imitate: (Read More...)

Despite Political Tensions, Pentagon Approves Huge Arms Sale to Israel

The US State Department indicated it will approve an arms sale to Israel worth nearly $1.9 billion, adding thousands of bombs, air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles to Jerusalem’s armory for “self-defense” needs. The details of the possible sale were sent for congressional review this week after being approved by the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense said in a statement Tuesday. (Read More...)

Sabeel Infiltrates Canadian Church

Canadians Friends of Sabeel held a conference recently at a church in a quiet area of Vancouver. The Jewish Defense League of Canada is very concerned about Canadian Friends of Sabeel, and for good reason. They were there to protest the event. A Canadian Friends of Sabeel conference held recently in Vancouver was, in essence: Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitism Cloaked in Pro-Palestinian Propaganda. (Read More...)

Israeli Spy Eli Cohen Remembered After Half-Century

Fifty years ago this month Eli Cohen was hung in Damascus on charges of spying for Israel. Cohen, known in Syria as Kamal Amin Ta'abet, was a Mossad agent from 1962 until 1965 until his real identity was uncovered and he was executed following a five-month trial. (Read More...)

Greek town wants Star of David off Holocaust memorial

Jewish groups were infuriated by a Greek town’s demand that the Star of David to be removed from a new Holocaust memorial or they will not permit its display. The American Jewish Committee said Friday that its partner body in Greece, the Central Board of Jewish Communities, reported that municipal authorities in the Greek port of Kavala had canceled a May 17 ceremony unveiling the memorial. (Read More...)

Coptic Teen Vanishes

On May 2, yet another Coptic Christian girl vanished. Marina Magdi Fahim, 17, disappeared after leaving her home around noontime and walking to an educational institution in the Hanofil region of Alexandria. She was not seen again. Her family reported her disappearance to the authorities, which, according to a Coptic Christian bishop, seldom yields any results, and sometimes makes matters worse. (Read More...)

Is State Abandoning Iraqi Christians?

Writing in April in USA Today about the murder of 12 Christian migrants thrown into the sea by Muslims for praying to Jesus instead of Allah, columnist Kirsten Powers stated that President Barack Obama “just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle Eastern Christians or the eradication of Christianity from its birthplace.” (Read More...)

How Much Bias in Evangelical Tours?

(Todd Deatherage, Lynne Hybels in Jerusalem) The Telos Group works to offer a voice that is “genuinely pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-American, and pro-peace, all at the same time.” These are admirable goals, and it is the Telos Group’s self-defined mission to strengthen the capacity of American Evangelicals “to help positively transform the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” To this end, Telos provides many services, such as all-expenses paid pilgrimages to Israel, where they select speakers to address tour participants. (Read More...)

Vatican Recognizes "Palestine"

The Vatican officially recognized the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday as a new Arab country. This, despite its lack of any borders, and the fact that it is, in essence, comprised of two complete entities ruled by two completely different governments. In a new treaty finalized Wednesday but not yet signed, the Vatican welcomed the 2012 decision by the United Nations General Assembly to grant the entity non-member observer state status. (Read More...)

Obama Urges New Israeli Government to Accept Two-State Solution

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he looks to the incoming Israeli government and the Palestinians to show a “genuine commitment to a two-state solution” and added that an agreement will have to resolve the humanitarian conflict caused by last summer’s war in the Gaza Strip. In an interview with the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, Obama spoke of his enduring hope of seeing a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, although he admitted that it would be a “very difficult path forward.” (Read More...)

Saudis to Skip Summit

It is not just the Saudi king who will be skipping this week’s Camp David summit of US and allied Arab leaders. Most Gulf heads of state won’t be there. US President Barack Obama had invited six Gulf kings, emirs and sultans to the presidential retreat at Camp David, seeking to shore up wavering trust while Washington negotiates with regional power Tehran. Obama’s plans now lie in tatters, with only two heads of state slated to attend the Thursday meeting. (Read More...)

Palestinian Data Can Be Misleading

The “maps” shown above have been widely circulated by the BDS movement, and they are misleading and dishonest. They appear in the “Zionism Unsettled” study guide. They appear on the websites of the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF). They also appear in the supporting materials for the BDS overtures submitted to the 2014 Presbyterian General Assembly. The intent of the maps is clear: to falsely demonstrate an “ethnic cleansing” that did not occur, one perpetrated by the “colonizer” Jews upon “indigenous” Arabs (the incendiary words “colonizer”, “indigenous”, and “ethnic cleansing” are used repeatedly in BDS literature). (Read More...)

Perspectives in Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

The following remarks, with a few minor refinements made later, were delivered at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ as its eighteenth Annual Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher Memorial Lecture and also as the keynote address for the tenth annual meeting of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations. (Read More...)

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