The Story About Christians In Israel That Was Never Told

Upsurge of radical Islam and regional persecution of Christians in sharp contrast to rights and freedoms enjoyed by Christians in Israel, causing more young Israeli Christians to consider national and military service. See More

Half of Jerusalem's Palestinians Want to be Israeli Citizens

A slim majority of Palestinians living in Jerusalem would prefer Israeli citizenship to being citizens of a Palestinian state, a new poll indicates. Just over half, or 52 percent, of respondents told pollsters they would prefer “Israeli citizenship with equal rights,” while 42% prefer to be Palestinian citizens when a Palestinian state is established, Channel 2 reported Wednesday. (Read More...)

Erdogan Calls for New Elections

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday he will call a new election for Nov. 1 after the legal period for forming a new government ends this week. The widely-expected announcement comes days after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu abandoned efforts to build a coalition government, following the failure of talks with the leaders of two smaller parties. (Read More...)

BBC Claims Israel Restricts Flow of Medical Aid into Gaza

BBC World Service host, Julian Marshall, interviews a Palestinian doctor, Tarek Loubani, who states, "I've been working there for about the last five years and while I was there we had patients coming in -- no equipment because the siege has gotten so bad even though it's medical equipment -- and we had to listen to patients' chests by putting our ears to their chests which is what we would have done 200 years ago." There is of course no “siege” on the Gaza Strip and no restrictions that are imposed by Israel on the entry of medical equipment, as it has unfortunately been necessary to point out here on numerous prior occasions due to inaccurate BBC reporting on that issue. Shortages of medi

Zionists Cultivate Ties with Hispanics

When Jeb Bush spoke at a gathering of Hispanic evangelical leaders in late April, the largest cheers didn’t come when he greeted the crowd in Spanish. Nor did they arrive when he enthusiastically expressed support for immigration reform. Instead, according to CNN, Bush’s biggest applause may have occurred when the former Florida governor mentioned Israel. “We (the US government) need to be focused and engaged in the world so that our friends know that we have their back, and our enemies fear us a little bit,” Bush told the gathering of Latino pastors and other leaders, according to Jewish News Service (JNS). There is no better place to start this journey than re-establishing a stronger relat

Growing Spotlight on Involvement of E21, ORU in the Holy Land

The future stance of Empowered21 (E21) and Oral Roberts University (ORU) towards Israel is uncertain due to the relationship between these two organizations and ORU mega-donor Mart Green. As a result of the $250 million he has contributed since 2008, Green has an inordinate amount of leverage over the perspective of ORU and E21, which is headquartered on the campus of the Christian college in Tulsa, OK. Green's extensive involvement in both of these organizations in relation to their eventual viewpoint towards Israel is cause for concern because he financed the production of the 2010 anti-Israel documentary, “Little Town of Bethlehem.” This film presents a one-sided and fallacious Palestinia

ISIS Kidnaps Scores of Assyrian Christians in Syria

Dozens of Syrian Christian families have been abducted by fighters from ISIS, according to a new report from Reuters. About 230 people, “some of who were taken from a church,” were kidnapped or detained by ISIS when the terrorist group captured the Syrian town of Qaryatain on Friday. Prior to the start of the civil war, about 18,000 people lived in Qaryatain, about 2,000 of them Syriac Catholics and Orthodox Christians, reports The Telegraph. (Read More...)

Philos Leadership Team Visits ME

The Philos Leadership Institute participants are now three weeks into their month-long program. They first explored the city of New York, learning about its rich history and spending a week in the beautiful Terrytown House Estates, where they participated in thought-provoking seminars about War and Peace, Leadership, and Israeli-Palestinian Relations. Although they already felt like they had accomplished much, that was only the beginning. (Read More...)

Netanyahu, Barak Recall Sabena Op

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former prime minister Ehud Barak took part in a joint interview on Army Radio on Thursday, marking the release of a docu-drama on the rescue of the Sabena airline passengers in 1972 in which they both took part in. Barak, in reply to a question, said the Sabena precedent did not come up when the two men discussed the Gilad Schalit prisoner exchange some 40 years later, when Netanyahu was prime minister and Barak his defense minister. (Read More...)

US: Arab League Resolute on Palestinian Issue, Two-State Solution

WASHINGTON — Despite much talk of a possible rapprochement with Israel spurred by mutual opposition to the Iran deal, the Sunni Arab Gulf states have not changed their position on the Palestinian question and are unlikely to urge Ramallah to make concessions, a senior official in the Obama administration said. (Read More...)

Schumer to Oppose Iran Deal

Chuck Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, has released a statement saying he will oppose President Obama's Iran nuclear deal. (Read More...)

US Consulate in Istanbul Attacked

Two DHKP-C terrorists opened fire on the police team in front of the U.S. Consulate building in Istanbul's Sarıyer district early Monday. The police have launched an investigation to find the suspects, one of whom is a woman and was detained by police. It was reported that the woman ran to a nearby house shortly after clashes which took place following the attack. (Read More...)

Netanyahu Meddling in US Politics?

US President Barack Obama accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of meddling in American politics, saying he could not remember a time in which a foreign leader had interfered as much in American affairs. In an interview that will air in full on Sunday, CNN‘s Fareed Zakaria asked Obama if it was “appropriate of a foreign head of government to inject himself into an American affairs,” to which the president responded that he “does not recall such an example.” (Read More...)

Churches Hold Off on Divestment

In June, the United Church of Christ voted to divest from companies that “that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and boycott of products produced in such territories by Israeli companies.” Two other denominations, however, decided not to follow in the UCC’s footsteps, at least for now. (Read More...)

Finding Hope Amidst the Flames

Christians in Israel awakened on June 18 to distressing news. Overnight, angry vandals had attacked one of the loveliest settings in Israel, on the shore of the tranquil Sea of Galilee. In an act of hate-fueled destruction, they set the humble and historic Tabgha church aflame. The Times of Israel reported, (Read More...)

A Christian Family in a Muslim Community

Philos Project: What is it like raising a Christian family in a Muslim region? Sarah: It’s really been better than in the States. We have more time together. We walk together to the store. [Abraham] is home for dinner. The society is very family-oriented (except when the men go out for coffee and hookah). Families are like, “Why didn’t you bring your kids?” There’s no soccer practice for us, but we’re involved. Our children have enjoyed things like gymnastics and martial arts. Abraham: I think that may be more a function of our family choices than where we live. There are families that run around everywhere, same as you find in the States. (Read More...)

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