David-Era Textiles Found in Israel

Scientists have uncovered an extensive fabric collection from the era of Kings David and Solomon in an ancient copper mine located deep in Israel’s Arava Valley. This is the first discovery of textiles dating from the era of David and Solomon, and sheds fresh light on the historical fashions of the Holy Land. The textiles - tiny pieces of fabric that vary in color, weaving technique and ornamentation - also offer insight into the complex society of the early Edomites, the semi-nomadic people believed to have operated the copper mines at Timna. (Read More...)

An Arab Answer to the Question: "Why Israel?"

(George Deek) On Feb. 28, award-winning journalist Khaled Abu Toameh and attorney-at-law and veteran of the Israeli diplomatic corps George Deek will lead a discussion “Why Israel? An Arab Perspective” at Adath Israel. (Read More...)

Gates: Israel is Improving the World

In a speech broadcast to over 2,000 attendees at Microsoft Israel’s annual Think Next event, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that Israeli contributions to technology fields such as analytics and security are “improving the world,” The Times of Israel reported on Thursday. Gates, who addressed the Tel Aviv audience on a video call, also congratulated Microsoft’s Israeli research and development center on its 25th anniversary, wishing it “a happy birthday.” (Read More...)

Netanyahu on Aid to Palestinian "Martyrs"

Post-nuclear agreement Iran offers financial rewards for terrorism, something that the world must firmly condemn, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday. (Read More...)

American Opinion and the Case for Israel

A recent Brookings Institution survey presented at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C. indicated a growing American partisanship toward Israel and the Middle East. But an analysis of an online survey taken in November suggests strategies for Israel’s friends to counter growing Democratic Party estrangement with Israel amidst an enduringly pro-Israel and Philo-Semitic American population. (Read More...)

Aleppo Bishop: "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Are Killing Christians

A bishop in Syria’s largest city has lamented the killing of civilians by “moderate” Syrian rebels and said that Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, are liberating parts of the city. Bishop Georges Abou Khazen, the apostolic vicar for Aleppo’s Latin-rite Catholics, said that there has been “continuous bombardment of civilians” by “groups that are called the ‘moderate opposition’” but “do not differ from the other jihadists (Islamic State and al-Nusra) other than by name,” according to Vatican Radio. (Read More...)

Evangelical Pastors Visit Israel

Rev. Robert Stearns, a leading Evangelical figure from the United States, says it is crucial to educate the younger generation of Evangelical Christians in the US about the movement’s strong connection to Israel. Stearns, who is co-chairman of the Eagles Wings Evangelical Christian Organization, a global group that trains Evangelical leaders, brought 24 young American pastors to Israel on a trip designed to educate them and, through them, their congregations about the Jewish state and the challenges it faces. (Read More...)

Presbyterians Set to Lose 400K Over BDS

The Presbyterian Church USA is expected to lose more than 400,000 members in the next half-a-decade, an internal church document predicted. The Layman website reported on last week’s meeting of the PCUSA’s Office of the General Assembly and Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee saying they expected major losses in both funds and members over the next couple years. (Read More...)

Jews Leaving Brazil for Israel

A record number of Brazilian Jews are flocking to Israel — and other Brazilians are starting to take notice. The news of the number of Brazilian Jews taking advantage of the automatic Israeli citizenship was reported on the Thursday night edition of Jornal Nacional, Brazil’s leading primetime newscast aired by Globo TV. (Read More...)

CUFI UK Announces "Night to Honor Israel"

It was June 2015 when CUFI UK held our launch event with nearly 1000 present. We are looking forward to returning to Westminster to celebrate our first Night to Honour Israel on Thursday 16th June 2016. The evening will include inspiring speakers and special guests. This event is your opportunity to unite with Christians and Jews together and show your support for Israel at such an important time in the history of our two nations. (Read More...)

Arab-Christians and the Wheaton Debate

Larycia Hawkins has a fan in Egypt.Theresa, the nine-months-pregnant wife of a Coptic Orthodox juice stand owner, could not hide her admiration when told how a Christian professor had donned a hijab in solidarity with Muslims facing prejudice in America. (Read More...)

Why Millennials Should Support Israel

We hear so much these days about what it means to be a part of the millennial generation, and a lot of the characteristics are conflicting. But if there is one thing that is always said about millennials, it is that we are both open minded and focused on equality. If this is true, why am I constantly watching my generation blindly accept biased media reports that degrade the nation of Israel? Why are our minds so closed on this issue? Why do we not want to support a nation that fiercely upholds human rights and equality? (Read More...)

RFK...On Israel

In April 1948, one month before Israel declared independence, Robert Kennedy, then 22, traveled to Palestine to report on the conflict for the Boston Post. His four dispatches from the scene were published in June 1948. The newspaper closed in 1956, and for decades the reports were virtually forgotten. (Read More...)

PBS Looks at Israel Boycott Controversy

Correspondent Deborah Potter reports on the BDS (boycotts, divestment and, sanctions) movement, intended to pressure Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories, and the support it is receiving from some US churches. Last year, the United Church of Christ became the largest Protestant denomination to divest its pension funds from companies doing business in Israeli-occupied territories. Other denominations are still wrestling with the issue, and there are also religious leaders opposing the movement who are calling instead for more dialogue and engagement. (Read More...)

Stakelbeck Joins CUFI

I’m thrilled to announce some very exciting news. After ten great years at CBN News I’m moving on to a new adventure. I’ve accepted a position with Christians United for Israel (CUFI), America’s largest pro-Israel organization–with nearly 3 million members and counting–to serve as Director of the CUFI Watchman Project, a major multi-media initiative. The centerpiece of my new role will be hosting a weekly, 30-minute “Watchman” program seen exclusively on TBN, the world’s largest Christian television network–seen in over 100 million homes in the United States and many more around the globe. (Read More...)

Ali: Hamas Wants to Destroy Israel

Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali is very worried these days. According to her, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just a symbol -- a small-scale model of the bigger war between the West and radical Islam. She predicts that this bigger war will become very tangible in the coming years. (Read More...)

Children and the Islamic State

Some of the saddest news of 2015 concerned the cutting-edge cruelty of jihadism in the Middle East. Case in point: Between 800 and 900 children have been abducted by the Islamic State to date, and have been enrolled in schools for religious education and military training, according to a recent report from the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. On Jan. 19, the U.N. Media Centre said that the report “details numerous examples of killings by ISIL in gruesome public spectacles, including by shooting, beheading, bulldozing, burning alive and throwing people off the top of buildings. There are also reports of the murder of child so

When, Walter, When?

In 2010, a few days after I wrote a brief article calling out Protestant theologian Walter Brueggemann for his decision to write the foreward to an anti-Zionist text by Mark Braverman, I got a curious email from a scholar who specializes in Jewish-Christian relations. The author, an American Jew who admired Brueggemann, told me the theologian was in fact a supporter of Israel. He sent me an article from Christian Century to prove it. (Read More...)

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