In Captivity Still

As a Christian Zionist this is my carefully weighed opinion — and I say it not sermonising but with a steady assurance based on observation of what is written in the Bible and what I see happening in this world as the people of Israel commemorate Passover once again. The Jewish celebration of this event is — as it has been for millennia — of their liberation from captivity in Egypt specifically; an emancipation that enabled them to go on and conquer the land God had set apart exclusively for them, and to become established for the first time as a nation in this land. (Read More...)

Jewish Story Under Assault?

Who are the Jews? A religion? A people? The question has taken on a special urgency in our time. At the heart of the anti-Zionist assault is the notion that the Jews aren't a people but only a faith. That premise is normative throughout the Arab world, and especially in the Palestinian statehood movement, all of whose factions deny the existence of a distinct Jewish people with a right to national sovereignty. (Read More...)

Ancient Greek Citadel Found in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, IsraelIsraeli archaeologists have uncovered the remnants of an impressive fort built more than two thousand years ago by Greeks in the center of old Jerusalem. The ruins are the first solid evidence of an era in which Hellenistic culture held sway in this ancient city. (Read More...)


It comes as no surprise that the honchos in Ramallah are welcoming the French initiative to hold a summit of world foreign ministers to discuss and plan an international Israeli-Palestinian peace conference. The Palestinian Authority knows full well that "peace" is a euphemism for complete Israeli capitulation to Palestinian demands, with nothing but bloodshed in return. Indeed, if PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen were actually interested in bringing about an end to conflict with Israel, they could do so in a split second -- you know, by putting a stop to their own behavior. This includes, but is not restricted to, glorifying and funding the families of terrorists, particularly th

Obama Owes Israel an Apology?

USA Today reported this week: “The Pentagon has approved airstrikes that risk more civilian casualties in order to destroy Islamic State targets as part of its increasingly aggressive fight against the militant group in Iraq and Syria, according to interviews with military officials and data.” Considering the enemy we face, the level of control and restraint that will continue is remarkable and admirable: Six Defense Department officials, all speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to describe how Islamic State targets are selected and attacked, described a sliding scale of probable civilian casualties based on the value of the target and the location. For example

Palestinian Bus Bomber From Well-to-Do Jerusalem Family

BETHLEHEM, West Bank — The young man accused of being the first suicide bomber in Jerusalem in a decade doesn’t fit the profile of a desperate Hamas operative — and that worries the Israelis. His uncles are prosperous merchants. He did not grow up in a refugee camp. He went on shopping trips to Jordan. (Read More...)

Evangelicals Are Israel's BDS Allies

There are nearly one million Israelis living in the United States forming roughly one third of the entire pro-Israel Jewish camp. However, Adam Milstein, chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), hopes to have an even larger voice in support of Israel, by connecting Israelis living in America with Evangelical Christian Zionists. Sitting down with Breaking Israel News, Milstein explained that the IAC sees the Evangelical community as natural allies in the fight for Israel. “We share the same values, the same beliefs and share a common enemy.” (Read More...)

University Justifies Murder of Israelis?

Zionist Organization of America President Morton A. Klein issued the following statement: The ZOA is horrified that at the recent April 9-11, 2016 U.S. Universities Debating Association (USUDA) national championship, held at African-American Morehouse College in Atlanta, (Martin Luther King’s Alma mater) top college debaters from all over the country were given the unprecedented Nazi-like anti-Semitic debate topic: “This House Believes That Palestinian Violence Against Israeli Civilians Is Justified.” A ZOA volunteer and former college debater Michael Schneider stated: “This topic was akin to asking African Americans to debate that the Ku Klux Klan was justified in lynching blacks.” (Read M

Biden Claims "Overwhelming Frustration" With Israeli Government

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged “overwhelming frustration” with Israel’s government on Monday and said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration has led the country in the wrong direction, in an unusually sharp rebuke of America’s closest ally in the Middle East. (Read More...)

A Slow-Motion Train Wreck

The four horsemen ride again; no, the bloody beast is back, slouching its' way towards Bethlehem; no, it is an ancient genie unbound and its’ foul breath smells of more and more blood and human anguish as it grows ever-closer. (Read More...)

Islam and the Radical West

Years ago I had a chat with three young Muslim men as we waited in a Heathrow airport lounge to board a flight to Islamabad. I was going to Pakistan to report on the fallout from a devastating earthquake in Kashmir. They were going there to do what they vaguely described as “charitable work.” They dressed in white shalwar kameez, wore their beards in salafist style and spoke in south London accents. (Read More...)

Israel Defeats North Korea in Hockey

A rare meeting between official representatives of Israel and North Korea was registered in the ice hockey rink in Mexico City on Sunday. Israel and the isolated Communist state have no diplomatic relations, but that was not apparent in the Group B meeting in 2016 IIHF World Championship Division II action. (Read More...)

Israel Bringing in 9,000 Ethiopian Immigrants Within the Next 5 Years

New immigrants from Ethiopia will start coming to Israel in June, 1300 will be brought by the end of the year, and pending budget approval 9000 over the next five years, according to an agreement Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached Thursday with Likud rebel MKs David Amsalem and Avraham Neguise. (Read More...)

Challenging Radical Islam

The world is being subjected to horrific images of religious violence. The Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria records its beheadings. Boko Haram in Nigeria parades hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls. Al-Shabaab in Somalia attacks a shopping mall in Nairobi. These barbaric acts can make us feel helpless, fearful, angry, and even guilty, because there seems to be little we can do to stop them. Meanwhile, commentators traipse from one television channel to the other, presenting their analyses. Some condemn IS and Boko Haram but assure viewers that their acts have nothing to do with true Islam. Others opine that IS and Boko Haram do represent Islam’s true face. Neither perspective is helpful. B

Malaysia Rules Muslim Man Can Convert to Christianity

In a landmark ruling last week, a Malaysian court upheld the rights of a Christian to convert from Islam. The judgment establishes a precedent in a country where religious conversions, particularly from Islam to Christianity, have been steeped in controversy. The verdict reaffirms the right of freedom of religion, guaranteed under Article 11 of Malaysia’s constitution. (Read More...)

Enthusiastic Crowd Jams Georgia Church for "Night to Honor Israel"

Last month, a handful of disgruntled and misguided Christian leaders once again packed up their Bibles and headed home from the most recent Israel-bashing “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference. This annual affair is where the small but loud group of anti-Israel Christians – frustrated by their coreligionists’ outpouring of Biblically and morally mandated Zionism – gather to traffic in Replacement Theology and demonize the Jewish state. As the group returned to their medieval pulpits and dwindling congregations, across the US millions of Bible-believing Christians were praying for, advocating on behalf of, and celebrating the Jewish state. (Read More...)

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