PA to pay terrorists in full while cutting pay for other employees

PA pays terrorists and murderers who have been in prison for over 3 years a higher salary than it pays 40% of the its law-abiding public employees PA confirms it will continue to pay terrorist salaries despite Israel's implementation of its Anti Pay-for-Slay law, according to which Israel will deduct $502 million from PA taxes Proving conclusively that the Palestinian Authority is willing to punish hard working employees in order to continue to reward terrorists, the PA Minister of Finance has reiterated that while the PA will cut the salaries of most of its employees, it will pay - in full - the salaries to the imprisoned terrorists and released terrorists, as well as the allowances to woun

Moon-Bound Israeli Spacecraft Snaps Stunning Photos And Videos From Journey

SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) released on Sunday a number of stunning images and short videos taken by Israel’s lunar lander Beresheet at various stages during its journey to the moon. One photo showed Earth at a distance of 131,000 km. The furthest was taken at 265,000km from the planet. The spacecraft’s first “selfie” image showed Earth at a distance of 37,600 km and was released on March 5. Read more...

Ireland's Anti-Israel Drift: How Did It Come to This?

Ireland, as a European Union member state, is subject to the EU's commercial rules. EU trade rules may prohibit Ireland's unilateral action as an EU treaty requires common commercial policy for all EU member states. The proposed law "could force US companies with Irish subsidiaries to choose between violating the Irish law or violating US Export Administration Regulations." — Orde Kittrie, Professor of Law, Arizona State University. Worst, there is no evidence that Ireland's "pro-Palestinian" activities are in any way helping Palestinians, who continue to be arrested, tortured and deprived of any viable future by their own corrupt leaders. Most European activities seem actually focused on tr

UNHRC should condemn the PA and Hamas for abuse of Palestinian children

On Monday the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will meet in order to go through its regular routine of criticizing Israel. For 25 years the PA has been teaching Palestinian children and youth that terrorist murderers are heroes; that Jews are "the most evil among creations," and Israel is "the enemy"; and that Israel has no right to exist. These intertwined messages have been used by the PA as a means to mobilize and recruit Palestinian children and youth to take an active part in acts of terrorism against Israelis. While the PA rightly criticizes Hamas when it uses these same messages to children to fuel the weekly violent confrontations on the Gaza border, the PA is itself guilty of the sam

Monday: Historic Rally for Equal Rights to Protest UNHRC's 'Hate Israel Day'

Monday, March 18, 12:30 pm Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland ___ Side Event: Expert Response to Gaza Commission of Inquiry March 18, 2019, 10:00 am in Geneva • Live Webcast • Quotes • Photos: Hi Res | Facebook • Video UNHRC Plenary – UN Watch Interventions in Debate on Israel/Palestine • Text of speeches • Photos: Hi Res | Facebook Rally for Equal Rights at the United Nations: A Protest Against-Israeli Discrimination • Quotes • Photos: Hi Res | Facebook • Video • Twitter Click to watch _______ WHAT ARE WE PROTESTING? On March 18, 2019, the UN Human Rights Council will launch an unprecedented assault on the rights of Israelis, and on the UN’s own founding principles, in the f

Announcing Speakers for Monday's Rally Against UN's Anti-Israel Bias

This Monday, March 18th, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva will launch an unprecedented assault on the human rights of Israelis: • The UNHRC will devote the entire day to condemning Israel, under its biased Agenda Item 7. No other country in the world is singled out this way. • Israel will be vilified in 7 biased reports. There will be 0 reports on abuses by China, Turkey, Cuba, and most other of the world’s worst regimes. • The new UN Commission of Inquiry will present its final report accusing Israeli soldiers of “crimes against humanity”—and calling for their arrest and indictment in the International Criminal Court—on account of defending the Gaza border from Hamas terrorists. UN Wat

Palestinians: Abbas Stands 'Trial' for Treason

To some, the mock trial in the Gaza Strip of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may seem trivial or like some sort of bizarre comedy act. The "trial," however, is something else entirely: it is designed to send a signal not only to Abbas, but to any Palestinian who even thinks of making peace with Israel or recognizing its right to exist. The "trial" is aimed at showing what awaits any Palestinian who dares to work with Israel by conducting security coordination or normalizing ties with it. Verdict: Any Palestinian who accepts a peace plan with Israel will also be found guilty -- and signing his own death warrant. The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has made no secret of its d

Assault on Israel Begins: UN Inquiry Calls to Arrest IDF Soldiers, Sanctions, Asset Freeze

GENEVA, March 5 – The UN's 47-nation Human Rights Council is planning to launch an unprecedented assault against Israel on March 18th, when the Jewish state will be singled out for an entire day—a pariah treatment meted out to no other nation—as the council presents seven separate reports alleging Israeli war crimes. (See below on UN Watch's response and protest rally.) The March 18th assault will culiminate in five biased resolutions condemning Israel, the drafts of which have been obtained by UN Watch. Iran, North Korea and Syria will get only one resolution each, while there will be none on Turkey, Zimbabwe, China, Pakistan and other oppressive regimes. An early version of one of the repo

Remembering Rev. Franklin Littell (1917-2009)

I just read the obituary of a man who made an important contribution to Jewish-Christian relations and the field of Holocaust studies. His writings made a powerful impact on my thinking and I bowed my head and breathed a prayer of thanks for his life and work. Then a thought occurred to me and I wondered how many evangelical Christian pro-Israel activists today have even heard of Rev. Franklin Littell? Too few, I suspect. So I’d like to introduce him. Franklin Hamlin Littell was born in 1917, graduated from Cornell College in Iowa and earned a divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary. Shortly thereafter he visited Germany on his way to a religious conference for young people in Amster

Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the 'Infidels'

The ruling by the Palestinian Scholars' Association is also aimed at sending a message to the US administration that the Palestinians and the Muslims will have nothing to do with the "Deal of the Century." Moreover, it serves as a reminder that even if some Arabs do sign peace treaties with Israel, there will always be those Muslims who will denounce them as "traitors" and accuse them of acting against the Koran and the rulings of Islam. Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, is acutely aware that Muslims will condemn him -- and perhaps issue a fatwa calling for his death -- if he ever dares to make peace with the Jews. That suspicion might explain his recent comment during a visit to Egypt, when he was

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