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The National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel has been observing current developments in Egypt and several of its neighboring nations with hope, expectation and concern.

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President Mubarak has stepped down. Demonstrators have demanded freedom, justice, democratic change, and human and civil rights – a very positive direction for the largest Arab country in the Middle East. Voices on the street have largely called for a peaceful approach and a smooth transition to a more open society. Negotiations are now underway.

This is a critically important time for Egypt and its neighbors. We pray for a transition that will lead to authentic democracy and will not be skewed or undermined by radical or extremist factions that pose a threat to civil harmony and to all of Egypt’s neighbors.

We have particularly strong concerns that the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty continue in full force as an anchor for peace in the region; that the Gaza and Sinai borders remain secure denying Hamas access to arms; and that the Coptic and other smaller Christian communities, who have suffered so painfully from recurring persecution and repression, will achieve full religious and cultural freedom.

Let us all continue to pray for a beneficial and peaceful outcome for Egypt and for all the nations of the Middle East.

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