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A garage in the beautiful leafy suburb of Oaklands in Johannesburg was a popular venue for takeout coffee for years. Not only did it serve the best cappuccino in town, it stocked kosher products, the finest nougat and the best Swiss and Belgian chocolates. Pesach delicacies and products that were difficult to find anywhere else after the pre- Pesach frenzy, when the supermarkets had run out of necessary basics like tomato sauce or matzo meal, were right there on the shelves. On summer and winter evenings it was a popular meeting place for Jewish boys and girls from the surrounding suburbs of Houghton, Norwood, Highlands North and Glenhazel, leaning on their cars with the music turned up. Business was booming. There was no parking. Queues of BMW’s, Porsches, 4x4’s and Mercedes wound round the fuel pumps and out the two entrances to the garage.

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