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Growing Spotlight on Involvement of E21, ORU in the Holy Land

The future stance of Empowered21 (E21) and Oral Roberts University (ORU) towards Israel is uncertain due to the relationship between these two organizations and ORU mega-donor Mart Green. As a result of the $250 million he has contributed since 2008, Green has an inordinate amount of leverage over the perspective of ORU and E21, which is headquartered on the campus of the Christian college in Tulsa, OK.

Green's extensive involvement in both of these organizations in relation to their eventual viewpoint towards Israel is cause for concern because he financed the production of the 2010 anti-Israel documentary, “Little Town of Bethlehem.” This film presents a one-sided and fallacious Palestinian narrative that portrays Israel as a brutal occupier, while ignoring the existential threats facing the state of Israel.

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