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Elle, Platform for Palestinian Propaganda

In 2011, the popular fashion magazine Vogue dubbed Asma Assad, wife of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, "the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies." But that's ancient history, long before the Syrian spring, and then the long, dark Syrian winter, claimed hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives – many of them cut down by troops under her husband's command – and displaced millions, among them the massive waves of desperate souls washing up on European shores. Vogue was not the first magazine to lionize Asma in this manner. In 2009, Elle, another fashion magazine, declared her the most stylish woman in world politics. While it's no longer fashionable to admire Ms. Assad, whitewashing of Palestinian violence is currently in vogue at Elle. Thus, on Oct. 30, 2015, Palestinian-American Karmah Elmusa describes the last few weeks, in which Palestinians have carried out dozens of stabbing, shooting and ramming attacks against Israelis, as well as violent clashes with Israeli security, as follows:

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