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Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the 'Infidels'

The ruling by the Palestinian Scholars' Association is also aimed at sending a message to the US administration that the Palestinians and the Muslims will have nothing to do with the "Deal of the Century." Moreover, it serves as a reminder that even if some Arabs do sign peace treaties with Israel, there will always be those Muslims who will denounce them as "traitors" and accuse them of acting against the Koran and the rulings of Islam.

  • Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, is acutely aware that Muslims will condemn him -- and perhaps issue a fatwa calling for his death -- if he ever dares to make peace with the Jews. That suspicion might explain his recent comment during a visit to Egypt, when he was reported to have said that he does not intend to end his life as a traitor by making concessions to Israel.


In a recent move, Palestinians have begun resorting to Islam to justify their vehement opposition to normalization of relations with Israel. Palestinian leaders and activists have long cited political and nationalist reasons to explain their opposition to any form of normalization with Israel -- but Islam is a new factor in the mix. Read more...

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