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Announcing Speakers for Monday's Rally Against UN's Anti-Israel Bias

This Monday, March 18th, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva will launch an unprecedented assault on the human rights of Israelis:

• The UNHRC will devote the entire day to condemning Israel, under its biased Agenda Item 7. No other country in the world is singled out this way.

• Israel will be vilified in 7 biased reports. There will be 0 reports on abuses by China, Turkey, Cuba, and most other of the world’s worst regimes.

• The new UN Commission of Inquiry will present its final report accusing Israeli soldiers of “crimes against humanity”—and calling for their arrest and indictment in the International Criminal Court—on account of defending the Gaza border from Hamas terrorists.

UN Watch is leading the response with a major protest rally in front of the Council—broadcast live at at 12:30 pm Geneva time (7:30 am Eastern)—featuring eminent diplomats, intellectuals, parliamentarians, national security experts, writers, and activists.

UN Watch has mobilized students and other activists from across Europe, who will be taking buses, trains and flights to come to Geneva for the rally.

In addition, when Israel is falsely attacked on Monday by the world's worst dictatorships, UN Watch will be taking the floor more times than ever before during the council debates; organizing expert panels inside the UN to rebut the absurd report of the Gaza inquiry; submitting a petition with 12,000 signatures; and spreading the truth online and in the international media.


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