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PA to pay terrorists in full while cutting pay for other employees

PA pays terrorists and murderers who have been in prison for over 3 years a higher salary than it pays 40% of the its law-abiding public employees

  • PA confirms it will continue to pay terrorist salaries despite Israel's implementation of its Anti Pay-for-Slay law, according to which Israel will deduct $502 million from PA taxes

Proving conclusively that the Palestinian Authority is willing to punish hard working employees in order to continue to reward terrorists, the PA Minister of Finance has reiterated that while the PA will cut the salaries of most of its employees, it will pay - in full - the salaries to the imprisoned terrorists and released terrorists, as well as the allowances to wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorists. At a televised press conference the minister emphasized that rewarding terrorists and murderers is "a principle which no force on earth can make the PA deviate from": Read more...

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