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Giving Tuesday

For over four decades, NCLCI has been educating Christian leaders on the history of antisemitism so that they can be equipped to effectively fight modern-day antisemitism. With antisemitism on the rise around the globe, NCLCI is more determined than ever to ensure Christian leaders are equipped by learning the lessons of history to make certain that our Jewish brethren are never again alone in combating antisemitism and standing up to antisemites.

From rocket fire targeting Israeli citizens to the growing potential of attacks from multiple borders, threats to Israel’s safety and security continue to mount. As 2019 comes to a close, it is imperative that Israel’s friends demonstrate their support not only with words but also with actions. For over four decades, NCLCI has equipped Christian leaders to combat antisemitism and to support Israel. With Christian support for Israel under direct attack from Israel’s enemies, now is the time for NCLCI to increase its reach and impact to ensure the next generation of Christian leaders have learned the lessons of history to make certain they do not repeat its deadly mistakes.

With new threats to Israel’s safety and security literally on the horizon and the global rise of antisemitism posing threats to the Jewish population worldwide, will you please consider giving a donation of $40, $400, or $4,000 today? By doing so, you will not only recognize NCLCI’s past four decades of work but also help broaden NCLCI’s reach and impact in these crucial days and for many decades to come.

Please make checks payable to NCLCI P.O. Box 24307 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55424.

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