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The ‘Deal of the Century’ Shouldn’t Fail — but It Will

US President Donald Trump addresses US mayors in the East Room of the White House in Washington, US, January 24, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst. – The Trump administration has just released the long-anticipated “deal of the century,” designed to resolve the seemingly intractable Arab-Israeli conflict.

Before commenting on the plan, everyone should actually read it. It is a remarkably comprehensive document spelling out the concrete steps necessary to bring to reality the long sought-after two-state solution to the conflict. We shall not see another such prospect for peace and prosperity in the region in our lifetime.

Unfortunately, this creative proposal is dead on arrival. Although the Israelis immediately embraced the plan, the Palestinians rejected it. Indeed, they rejected it years before it was finalized or made public. As early as January 2018, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas called the Trump plan a “slap in the face.” He greeted its actual unveiling with the response of “a thousand nos.” Palestinians designated the day of the plan’s unveiling as a “day of rage,” and took to the streets in protest... Read more

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