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PM Netanyahu: Israel to send $5 million in food aid to Sudan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel will send $5 million in food aid to Sudan just days after Khartoum announced the normalization of ties with the Jewish state. "We are looking forward to a warm peace and are sending $5 million worth of wheat immediately to our new friends in Sudan," the Prime Minister's Office said in a tweet. "Israel will be working closely with the USA to assist Sudan's transition."

Gen. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan, Sudan’s Head of Transitional Military Council | File photo: APF/Mazen Mahdi

Sudan's economy has suffered from decades of US sanctions and mismanagement under Bashir. The transitional government has been struggling with a huge budget deficit and widespread shortages of essential goods, including fuel, bread and medicine. Annual inflation soared past 200% last month as prices of bread and other staples surged, according to official figures.

Sudan's Foreign Ministry said Sunday that the US would also work with its international partners to relieve the country's foreign debt, which exceeds $60 billion. Both the US and Israel would also help Sudan "consolidate its democracy, enhance food security and fight terrorism," it said.


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