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The Jewish People, the Holy Land, and the State of Israel: A Catholic View

Richard C. Lux

This book presents new models for understanding our bond with the Jewish people, the religious significance of the Holy Land, and a theological understanding of the State of Israel. It may be ordered through Amazon.

In addition to serving as President of NCLCI, Dr. Lux was professor of scripture studies at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Wisconsin, where he also taught Hebrew scriptures and Pauline literature. He has long been active in Catholic-Jewish relations and is a frequent lecturer on these topics to both Catholic and Jewish audiences.



Israel Study Manual

JoAnn G. Magnuson

This popular tour study manual is a small encyclopedia of information about Israel. It contains sections on biblical references; Israel history, how to prepare for travel to the land; maps; brief descriptions of the geography, people groups, the neighbors; and sections about Jewish customs and holidays as well as introduction to Hebrew language. There is a Catholic as well as a general version.

Other writings by JoAnn Magnuson include brief booklets on Prayer for Israel; Introduction to Antisemitism for Christians; and several reprints of speeches given on Middle East issues as well as a collection of columns prepared by JoAnn in her role as curator of the Jewish Christian Library Center in Minneapolis.

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Jews and Anti Judaism in Esther and the Church

Tricia Miller

The biblical book of Esther records an account of Jewish resistance to attempted genocide in the setting of the Persian Empire. According to the text, Jews were targeted for annihilation simply because of their Jewish identity. However, the story also reports that they were allowed to defend themselves against anyone who sought to kill them. In the context of attempted genocide, the message of Esther addresses a timeless and universal issue of justice - that humans have the right and responsibility to defend themselves against those who intend to murder.

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